Website presenting the symptoms that a person must have to be diagnosed with ADHD, according to the DSM. The DSM, together with the ICD, is one of the worldwide reference classifications of psychological and behavioral disorders. In 2013, its latest version was published: the DSM-5.

In this document, edited by the U.S. Department of Education, some strategies to improve the learning of students with ADHD, referring to Academic Instruction, Behavioral Interventions, and Classroom Accommodations are suggested.

This website provides the Basics of the APA Style Tutorial. For the drafting of your work, Slides 13 to 24, which show how to quote and cite a publication, are particularly interesting.

In this video, Professor Russell A. Barkley gives a lecture, targeting parents, in which he deals with the fundamental aspects to understand and educate a child with ADHD.

The second chapter of this book focuses specifically on ADHD. In it, Russell A. Barkley, one of the highest world authorities in the study of ADHD, reviews the major diagnostic criteria, causes, associated disorders and treatment of this disorder.