Paul is unlucky. His classmates laugh at him and make fun of him. Even some of his teachers no longer make an effort to teach him because of his learning difficulties, especially in reading and writing. He is very slow to learn new words. He frequently makes mistakes when reading, substituting "b" with "p" or "d", or substituting "p" with "q”. When asked to write, he often skips parts of words or even parts of the sentence. Occasionally, his letter substitutions make his classmates laugh (e.g., aminal instead of "animal”).

          Therefore, his classmates sometimes call him "stupid", and his teachers have stopped paying attention to him because they don't know what to do with him.

          Only his parents are worried about him. They took him to a psychologist, who thought that Paul has "dyslexia”. But, what is dyslexia? How does it emerge? Can it be treated?

          Paul and his parents need help to reach a solution. They would be happy and thankful if you helped them to solve their problem.