Speaking paper - final

Please contact your instructor via e-mail (jimenezantonio@uniovi.es) to set up a date, topic and time for your Speaking exam.

You must have a broadband Internet connection and be able to use either Skype (www.skype.com) or Google Hangouts (www.google.com/hangouts) with a microphone. (voice-only conversation).

Please note you may be recorded, in order to preserve your rights.

You have two options to choose from:

1) Choose a company or brand from this index. Do your research and find your vocabulary to do a 7-10 minute formal presentation on the company (history, products, production procedures, image, etc). You can have some notes with you, but reading from a script is strictly forbidden.

2) Go to http://www.jobs.ac.uk and find a job offer you are interested in. Compile your CV and send it to me (jimenezantonio@uniovi.es). You will then have a 7-10 minute formal job interview which will be your Speaking exam.