Writing: not available

Write a short (200-250 words) business e-mail

Write to a customer to tell them that the product/service they want is not available at the moment.
Prepare the situation using the questions below. The information can be real or imaginary.
• What is your company’s business? What products/services do you offer?
• What is the particular product/service that you normally offer, but is not available at the moment?
• Why?
• When is it going to be available again?
• Who is the customer that you are writing to? Why do they need your product/service?
• Are you going to promise any action, give additional information, offer help, or simply say that you will tell them when the product/service is available again?
Now write the email in a formal/neutral style.

Send it to me (jimenezantonio@uniovi.es); I will forward you another message (from one of your peers) which you will have to reply as a customer.
Copy me in when your reply.