• Mathematics and Associated Teaching Methods I

  • Información General
    • PROFESSOR: Ana Belén Ramos Guajardo

      SUBJECT: Mathematics and Associated Teaching Methods I

      EDUCATIONAL OFFER: Bachelor´s Degree in Primary Teaching Education

      CENTER: Fac. Formación del Profesorado y Educación

      TYPE: Compulsory

      N° TOTAL CREDITS: 6.0

      PERIOD: Second course, first semester

      GENERAL DESCRIPTION: In this subject the main concepts of the arithmetical framework are reviewed and different techniques for teaching these concepts in a Primary School are presented. This subject is complemented by the subjects Mathematics and Associated Teaching Methods II and III.


      - Know the teaching and learning processes related to the numerical domain.

      - Analyze how primary education students learn numerical concepts.

      - Know and use didactical resources to teach numerical concepts.

      - Develop the ability to select and design mathematical tasks to teach numerical concepts, justifying the decisions made.


      1. Set theory. Natural numbers. Numeral systems. Divisibility. Instructional materials and resources. 

      2. Integers. Contexts. Instructional materials and resources.

      3. Rational numbers. Fractions. Decimal representation. Percentages. Instructional materials and resources.


      In the theoretical part, the main contents involved in the different units are shown. The student has to review them and he/she can complete the slides by considering the complementary material (included in Sections "Material de estudio y/o consulta" and "Otros recursos" if necessary). After that, it is necessary to solve the practical activities concerning each unit by taking into account that a deep explanation of each one of them is required since the student has to explain the solution as if he/she was the teacher.

      Additionally, some practical works are proposed. Some examples are included in the Section "Evaluación".

      ACTIVITIES: Included in the Section "Actividades prácticas, proyectos y/o casos".

      ASSESSMENT:  Included in the Section "Evaluación".