• Education in Information and Communications Technologies

  • Syllabus
    • Content (topics)

      1. Technological, economical, social, and cultural implications of the developing of the computing technology.
      • Implications in society
      • Implications in everyday life
      • Implications of the speed of changes of the discipline
      • Areas
      • Professional profiles and competences
      • Computing as a supporting tool for other professions
      1. Technological evolution of the discipline
      1. The computing discipline as a profession
      1. Curricula courses, itineraries, and teaching specialties related to Computing Technology.
      1. Theoretical foundations and activities for the modules specified in the curricula
        • Computational thinking
        • Internet and social networks
        • Managing of resources and applications in interconnected systems
        • Multimedia
        • Publishing and disseminating contents
        • Computing security
        • Collaborative work environments and communication tools