• Financial Statement Analysis and Management Control

  • Syllabus
    • Topic 1: Management Accounting fundamentals

      1.1. Management Accounting as a source of information for internal parties within the organization.

      1.2  Nature of Management Accounting.

      Topic 2: The relationship between Microeconomics and Management Accounting

      2.1. Basic concepts of the theories of production and costs: a practical approach.

      2.2. Necessary information to achieve scale, technical and allocative efficiency.

      2.3. Determining the costs of products and services.

      Topic 3: An introduction to cost terms and concepts

      3.1. Costs and cost terminology.

      3.2. Direct and indirect costs.

      3.3. Cost classification by nature.

      3.4. Variable and fixed costs. Separation of costs into their variable and fixed elements.

      3.5. Relevant and avoidable costs.

      3.6. Cost assignment.

      Topic 4: Cost-Volumen-Profit analysis

      4.1. Cost-Volume-Profit assumptions.

      4.2. Break-even point.

      4.3. Margin of safety. Sensitivity analysis.

      4.4. Multi-product Cost-Volume-Profit analysis.

      Topic 5: The annual accounts

      5.1. Introduction.

      5.2. The Balance Sheet.

      5.3. The Income Statement.

      5.4. The Statement of Cash Flows.

      5.5. The Statement of Changes in Equity.

      5.6. Notes to the Annual Accounts.

      5.7. Consolidated Annual Accounts.

      Topic 6: Liquidity and solvency analysis

      6.1. Analysis of the equilibrium of financial structure.

      6.2. Techniques and ratios for financial analysis.

      6.2.1.  Short-term financial analysis.

      6.2.2.  Short-term financial analysis.

      Topic 7: Profitability analysis

      7.1. Analysis of the Income Statement.

      7.2. Profitability ratios.

      7.3. Financial leverage (gearing).