• Inglés para fines específicos de la Historia del Arte (Grado en Historia del Arte)

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      The course is divided into 5 sections, four of which correspond to the most common artistic manifestations (painting, sculpture, architecture and other media). A more detailed description of each module can be found here:

      1. Introduction: general concepts
        1. What is Art?
        2. Fine Arts and folk art
        3. History of Art as science and the role of museums
      2. Painting: analysing and commenting
        1. Visual description of a piece
        2. Adjectives, verbs and expressions used to describe a painting
        3. Commentary guide for two-dimensional art: painting, photography, etching, etc.
      3. Sculpture: analysing and commenting
        1. Techniques and methods to create sculpture
        2. Materials used for sculpting and carving
        3. Commentary guide for Sculpture
      4. Architecture: analysing and commenting
        1. Socio-cultural contextualization: where, when, how and who.
        2. Commentary guide for Architecture
      5. Other media: analysing and commenting
        1. Installations: description and commentary guide
        2. Performances: description and commentary guide

      The last two weeks will be devoted to preparing the oral presentation and to evaluation, both self-evaluation and evaluation by the lecturers.

      1. How to do an Academic Oral Presentation
        1. Dos and don'ts
        2. Present your work
      2. Evaluation week
        1. Test yourself
        2. Present your work to the class