• Innovation and Project in Primary Education

    • Educational reform is an essential activity in educational institutions of art and responsibility inherent in the status of teachers. Each teaching-learning situation is novel in itself, is given at one time and in one space, and specific people involved in a historical moment of their lives, unrepeatable and unique. Give appropriate response to each of these moments is the purpose of educational innovation, ability to anticipate and adapt. No previous roads in the learning process, you learn to walk.


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    • Here are some videocasta that provide a view of the education paradigm in which the design is based educational innovation, focusing primarily on consideration of the student, their role and development as well as the conditions of contect and the role of the teacher is proposed.

      Take Care, especially three factors: the student and their motivations, activities undertaken and the resources that are available.

    • Resource 0.- Why do kids get bored at school?

      This resource can be considered as a general introduction to the essential problem underlying difficulties and other learning problems.
      Note: The document is in Spanish, for viewing, please switch on the subtitles in the local language or English:

    • Resource 1.-  Innovation in Education

      Watching a videocast in which the concept of Educational Innovation analyzes is proposed:

    • Resourse 2.- Effective Pedagogical Practice

      Watching a videocast in which aspects of the paradigm of Educational Innovation, with the involvement of aspects of learning psychology is proposed analyzes, classroom organization and the role of the student: 

    • Resurce 3.-  Effective Pedagogical Practices for a Primary school

      Videocast with some considerations about the role that the student must acquire in the process of learning: 

    • Resource 4.- Effective teaching practices for teaching the whole child

      Videocast with contributions to an inclusive vision of education rpoceso of students, from a physical, social, cognitive and emotional perspective, including the role that ICT can play: