• Innovation and Project in Primary Education

    • Educational reform is an essential activity in educational institutions of art and responsibility inherent in the status of teachers. Each teaching-learning situation is novel in itself, is given at one time and in one space, and specific people involved in a historical moment of their lives, unrepeatable and unique. Give appropriate response to each of these moments is the purpose of educational innovation, ability to anticipate and adapt. No previous roads in the learning process, you learn to walk.


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      Lifelong Learning Programme

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  • Student's Guide
    • How to work in this subject?
      The course has been designed using the following digital items:
      1 Introduction
      2 Lectures
      3 Seminaries
      3 Activities
      The student must complete prior readings according to the plan of study, which may include other materials, including podcast or videocast.
      In the second stage, attend online conferences, in order to obtain a more accurate picture of the contents of study.
      Once students have read the material on campus OCW course, necessary to complete the supplementary readings bilbiography.
      It is generally recommended read more citations than those available on the OCW or mandatory class.
      Having worked with all the aforementioned materials, the student can test the content selfassesment willing.
      Videoconferencing or online seminars presented an overview of the information needed to delve into the problems of educational innovation.
      Finally, the tasks, the student encontará innovation projects, in some cases, made for study, and in others as a proposal for design and development.
      In the end, the student shall be able to design an educational innovation because of a problematic situation and presented for evaluation and feed back.