• Innovation and Project in Primary Education

    • Educational reform is an essential activity in educational institutions of art and responsibility inherent in the status of teachers. Each teaching-learning situation is novel in itself, is given at one time and in one space, and specific people involved in a historical moment of their lives, unrepeatable and unique. Give appropriate response to each of these moments is the purpose of educational innovation, ability to anticipate and adapt. No previous roads in the learning process, you learn to walk.


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      Lifelong Learning Programme

      of the European Union

  • General information
    • This course is part of the studies of Teaching of Basic Education, and is optionally available for the field of primary education and compulsory for Early Childhood Education or Preschool.
      It is similar in content to the subject of Innovation and Introduction to Educational Research, which is taught in the Master Teacher Training for Secondary Education.
      Participate in general, the same criteria, principles and content of any initiative that seeks to train teachers in teaching skills for any level of education, whether preschool, primary, secondary or higher.
      This course is offered as an option on the third and fourth years of primary education and compulsory for Early Childhood Education mode.
      It has 6 ECTS, representing a total of 150 hours, 60 hours of which are classroom activities, or virtual campus and the remaining 90 hours of self-study.
      In developing the current OCW, its contents are a part of those used in classroom-face classes at the University of Oviedo (UNIOVI). 
      The publication of this content is part of the commitments acquired by the University of Oviedo in accepting the Erasmus LLP UBICamp project.
      OCW content (30% approx.) Represent an introduction to the main parts of the course taught in pretendenb UNIOVI and give an overview of the concepts of Educational Innovation.