• Software Architecture

    • Software Architecture is a part of the engineering process for building applications and it is a core subject for a Computer Engineer.This course is part of the Software Engineering field and it is transverse to the Specific Training Module (Software Engineering).Within this field are also the subjects as Software Engineering, Software Design, Quality, Validation and Verification of Software Requirements Engineering and Modeling in Software Engineering Process.

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  • Student's Guide
    • How to use materials?

      This course has been designed using the following digital materials:

      1. Lectures presentation
      2. Seminaries
      3. Activities

      The sutdent have to attend the video first and then the Lectures, in order to get basic acknowlegment of SWA. Once the students has read the materials on the OCW course campus, it is necessary for them to read the bilbiography of complusory reading and it is recommended to read the other lecture references. After reviewing material, the student can try the selfassesment contents.

      Seminaries present a general view of techniques necessary for modelling Software Architecture solutions. Seminaries are presented as videos with a series of slides and sicronized voice.

      FInally, in the assignments, the student can find a work on software architecture purposed for advanced students. It is not recommended to try this work before attending the other materials.

      Notice: If you end a complete solution--Architecture, Design, Implementation...--you can contact us for reviewing your work. Feedback is not guaranteed.

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