• Software Architecture

    • Software Architecture is a part of the engineering process for building applications and it is a core subject for a Computer Engineer.This course is part of the Software Engineering field and it is transverse to the Specific Training Module (Software Engineering).Within this field are also the subjects as Software Engineering, Software Design, Quality, Validation and Verification of Software Requirements Engineering and Modeling in Software Engineering Process.

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  • Syllabus
    • Following you can find the complete sylabus for the Software Architecture course. In this sylabus we have higlighted the charpters widely created.

      1. Software Architecture definition and basic concepts
        1. Introduction to Software Architecture
        2. Describing Architectures
        3. Modelling Architectures
        4. Elements related to Documentation
      2. Software Architecture Taxonomies
        1. Introduction to Architecture Taxonomies
        2. Allocation: Building, deployment and distribution
        3. Modularity
        4. Behaviour: Components and connectors
        5. Integration
        6. Business architectures
      3. Software Architecture Based on Models
        1. Definition of model
        2. Model Driven Architecture
        3. Domain Specific Languages and metamodels