• Software Architecture

    • Software Architecture is a part of the engineering process for building applications and it is a core subject for a Computer Engineer.This course is part of the Software Engineering field and it is transverse to the Specific Training Module (Software Engineering).Within this field are also the subjects as Software Engineering, Software Design, Quality, Validation and Verification of Software Requirements Engineering and Modeling in Software Engineering Process.

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      This course is part of the Software Engineering degree. It is also part of the specific training module titled Software engineering. Other related subjects are Software Process Engineering; Software Design; Software Quality, validation and Verifying; Requirements Engineering and Software Engineering Modelling.

      The subject is compulsory and is taught during the second semester of the third year of the Degree in Software Engineering.

      It has 6 ECTS credits, which represent a total of 150 hours, 60 on-campus activities hours and 90 self-study hours.

      From the point of view of the OCW, this will present a part of the contents used in the face to face lectures in the University of Oviedo (UNIOVI).

      The publication of these contents comes from the compromises adquired by the University of Oviedo when accepting the Erasmus LLP UBICamp project (http://www.ubicamp.eu).

      The contents in OCW (30% aprox.) represent an introduction to the main parts ot the UNIOVI course and can be used for getting a general view of the Software Architecture concepts.

      Note: All SCORM learning objects  have been developed usign UDUTU. http://http://www.udutu.com/