• Inglés Empresarial II

  • Programa

    • Topic 1. Parts of the process

      1. Describing: product details and specifications.
      2. Procedures: production methods and systems.
      3. Delivery: international sales and distribution.

       Topic 2. Giving presentations in English

      1. Presenting skills: signposting, chunking and structuring.
      2. Marketing: methods in advertising and branding.
      3. Beyond language: cultural aspects in marketing and presenting. 

      Topic 3. Figuring out

      1. Statistically: interpreting graphs, charts and trends.
      2. Company balance: presenting business results.
      3. Funding: pitching your product and attracting investment.

       Topic 4. The human factor

      1. Get that job: interview and selection processes.
      2. Human Resources: managing people.