• Statistical Methods for Business
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    • Statistical Methods for Business aims to provide a set of statistical tools for solving problems through the use of sample information. The course will study probability models that are used in economics and business. It also discusses the fundamentals of statistical inference, with special emphasis on the construction of confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

    • General resources

      Here you have two links of open courses on Statistical Methods:
    • A complete glossary of the main statistical terms used in this course.

    • This series of podcats will allow you to understand the Statistics that surround us.

    • Specific Resources to certain topics

      This two-minute video will allow to easily understand the concept of probability.
    • This short video from the TV series Numb3rs will show you the well-know Monty Hall problem in Statistics.
    • This applet will allow you to better understand the effects of changes in the parameters of the Binomial distribution.
    • The following video by professor Andrew Conway would be useful as an introduction to the second block of the course: units 6 through 11.
    • This applet will allow you to better understand the meaning of confidence intervals.