• Statistical Methods for Business
  • Evaluación
    • Assessment

      The evaluation of the course is based on two elements:

      1. Continuous assessment of the effort and the work developed by students throughout the course, through two tests (on the first and second parts of the course) that will allow students to know whether they have understood course content’s.
      2. Final exam, consisting of a test set, to assess the knowledge acquired by students and their ability to apply statistical tools to analyze and solve study problems in the economic and business fields.
    • Self-Assessment

      The student can evaluate his/her knowledge on course contents by doing the following test. After answering each question the student can check the solution and the explanation for it.

    • Another useful tools for self-assessment is provided by the divulgative site developed by the Spanish National Statistical Office (INE). The section Introduction to Statistics provides additional material to follow this course and tests to check students' progress.